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Business Assistance

If you are considering starting or expanding your business, New Haven is an ideal location. With six local colleges and universities, the city has a skilled workforce, and it is committed to supporting entrepreneurs. There are various resources available to cater to your individual needs. New Haven also prioritizes assisting historically underserved communities and promoting wealth equity for its residents.

Starting a business may feel overwhelming, but with New Haven's plethora of resources, you can navigate the process with ease, whether you have a new idea or are ready to launch. If you cannot find the type of assistance you require in the resource list, feel free to give us a call, and we will direct you to the appropriate resources.


State of Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development (DECD)

The Department of Economic and Community Development is the state's lead agency responsible for strengthening Connecticut’s competitive position in the rapidly changing, knowledge-based global economy.

The agency takes a comprehensive approach to economic development that incorporates community development, transportation, education, and arts and culture. Specifically, the department:

  • Supports existing businesses and attracts new businesses and jobs with a wide range of programs and services to help companies prosper;
  • Promotes Connecticut industries and businesses here at home, throughout the country and across the globe;
  • Strengthens Connecticut’s communities by providing funding and technical support for local community and economic development projects;
  • Works to make tourism a leading economic contributor and a source of pride for Connecticut;
  • Develops and strengthens the arts in Connecticut and makes artistic experiences widely available to residents and visitors; and
  • Helps to eliminate brownfield properties by promoting smart growth principles, strengthening public/private partnerships and providing a one-stop resource for expertise.

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